DivaGirl University Module 7- Managing Lifestyle (PDF Presentation)

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DivaGirl-Preneur presents DivaGirl University– an educational, inspirational and interactive 8-module course to train female entrepreneurs to be fabulous and successful in business… and life. Whether you are launching a new business, want to gain more sales and exposure for your venture or need to kick start an idea, this course and mentoring circle is for you, you gorgeous lassie.  We encourage you to join our posse and we’ll share our “little secrets” on how to be a sassy, kick-ass entreprenette.  After completion of the course, we guarantee results to get you to the next level of business success and we promise you will have “fun” in the process.

Module 7 is about Managing Lifestyle- and being “fabulous” doing 

Includes PDF presentation.  To complete the full DivaGirl University online course, click here.

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